Benefits of the E-Skips Platform

Order a skip, as simple as 1, 2, 3

Benefits of the E-Skips platform:



Delivery dates

  • Ability to select the desired delivery date
  • Specify the time from purchase that visitor is able to schedule a delivery eg. 24 hours, 36 hours
  • Booking date can be added to the Google calendar or iCal for client and site administrator
  • Ability to prevent selection of delivery dates which fall on public holidays or any other dates you specify.

Order E-Mail automation and customisation

  • Emails to the customer and administrator are automatic at every point throughout the order cycle
  • Upon order completion, an email is sent to the customer and site administrator with order details
  • Once dates and payments are confirmed, the administrator changes the status of the order and an email update is sent
  • Confirmation of booking also sends an email
  • Any change to the delivery date also generates an email update

Product Catalogue

  • Completely customisable product catalogue
  • No limits to the number of skips, can include any variations or skip size
  • Can also be used for associated products such as Tipper Hire or Grab Trucks
  • The process can include a “must click” selection before the order can be completed
  • Product images are customisable and can be actual photographs or custom graphics
  • Products can have different prices based on service area/postcode
  • A check can be made before viewing the store, to find the service area of the visitor
  • Postcode check must be made before the selection, allowing us to specify different prices for the different area


  • Sales reports available with a wide range of date comparisons, from monthly, yearly to daily or a specific date range.
  • Product sales breakdown, as well as averages etc.
  • Option to have coupons available for specific marketing discounts.  Allowing us to track the use of coupons to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.