Delivery Management on the E-Skips system

Set delivery options

Delivery options to match your business

The Eskips platform allows you to define your delivery options, as well as define delivery “holidays” so you can specify which dates you will not deliver on.

At checkout, a customer has the choice to pick a delivery date. A calendar pops open to show 2 months worth of dates, allowing the customer to pick a date that suits them. The nearest available date is set by you and can be any time-based in hours. There can be hourly slots, morning/afternoon slots, daily slots, or any combination of these.

Once a date is set, then the drop down for delivery time on that date is available to choose.

You can choose to charge for delivery or charge different prices for next-day, or 2-day delivery, have delivery prices the same or any variation required.


Weekly, monthly and daily calendar views for the Shopkeeper admin:

Flexible Delivery Options

Through our administration section, we have the ability to make changes to your delivery options.  We can add specific non-delivery dates based on holidays, or any other criteria.  These can be added for years in advance so you won’t need to worry.

We can specify days of the week, and even hours of the day that you have available for delivery.

We can set delivery options in many different ways, allowing the visitor to select a specific hour for delivery, or a block of time, full day only, or several hours in a block as well as morning or afternoon delivery.  The options are up to your business.

We can have additional delivery costs to specific delivery options.  For example, same day deliveries can be arranged and an additional cost can be added to the order based on that chosen delivery option.  These settings are editable, so we can specify that if a customer is visiting the site before 10 am, they have the ability to select a same-day delivery that afternoon, and an additional £20 will be added to their basket for this delivery charge.  We have the ability to specify the hour of cut-off as well as the hours for delivery on the same day.


Same Day and Next Day delivery options

These can be set through our administration sections, and incur additional charges or not.  It allows us to specify a cut off time for these options so that a person needs to place their order before 8 AM for same-day, and before noon for next-day, as an example.

The prices for delivery are just as versatile, we can specify no delivery charges, or delivery charges based on days or hours away.  For example, you could specify a delivery charge for delivery within 24 hours, and a different delivery charge for 24-48 hours etc.  Allowing you complete control over your delivery times and charges.

Same Day delivery options, and Next Day delivery options:

Calendar integration

Our system also has the ability to allow both your customer and in-house office administrator to add booked orders to a Google calendar or an iCalendar.  This feature allows the customer to add the completed dates to their personal calendar so they will be reminded when to expect delivery and can be used by your office staff to manage your delivery schedule.