Admin Pages, and simple Back-End

Manage your orders, delivery dates and more

Manage your orders

Our system gives you full control over your order management, from initial order to completion, as well as options to contact the customer should you need to make changes or amendments to their order.

Email confirmations

After placing an order, the customer will receive an email confirmation, and you will receive a “new order” email with all the details required.  Every time you make a change to the order status, the customer will automatically get an additional email, to keep them updated at all stages of the order process.  If changes to the order are required, such as a change of delivery date, the customer will automatically receive an email notifying them of this.

Orders are saved and can be reviewed at any time

Our system automatically saves all historical order information so that it can be reviewed, exported or deleted at any time. Our system is also fully GDPR compliant, allowing for a customer’s details to be removed completely, in seconds.