Versatile Products and Catalogue System

Any number of items and options

Product Variations & Pricing By Postcode

The product catalogue can have as many, or as few products as desired.  Prices, tax rates, delivery costs can all be managed through our system, and are completely editable at any time.  We have the ability to include discount coupon codes as well.

One of the main points that our catalogue has, is that prices can be managed based on postcode.  So we can set up different areas based on postcode areas, and prices can reflect those areas.  So in the case of Skip Hire, if someone is farther from the depot, the prices they will see on the site, could be different based on their location.  When entering the product selection pages, you are first asked to enter your postcode, this will check and display the appropriate prices based on those postcodes.  Once complete, there is an option to have a separate shipping address, if the postcode here changes, the prices in the basket will reflect this change.  So ultimately, the prices will reflect the delivery postcodes.

Permits and other add-ons

Processing online orders for customers who require a skip permit can be problematic if you operate across a number of different boroughs, as permit prices can vary wildly for each authority. There are several options we can use for these.

The simplest way is to ask the customer to indicate whether they require a permit early into the online order process. If they indicate that a permit is required, we can remove the option to complete the booking online and direct the customer to call your office to confirm their requirements and complete their order over the telephone.

Alternatively, we can present all of the skip permits as separate products or product variations, allowing the customer can select the appropriate permit.

All these options are editable

In almost every case, all the elements within your shop and its pages are editable.  We can change, images, content, details, selection options to fit your requirements.

Our sites have built-in flexibility, giving you the freedom to add custom or bespoke elements, such as third-party reviews, or backend office features which are specific to your business.

The order process: